Vastu Shastra



Vastu Shastra

You probably listen about seawater tides movement due to Full Moon in Sky. if the Gravity of the Moon can lift up the sea water levels upwards. Then you have to consider the water percentage in the human body also. The human body has around 60% of the water part. Thus Forces around us can manipulate our physical and mental levels.

You noticed that when you smell your favorite perfume (Not Deo), your mind works more efficiently.

I want to tell you. Anything which can affect our senses has the ability to change the result of our living.

Here, I try to consider the aspected of Vastu Shastra related to the Trading and Money perspective only. because It is a vast subject.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is the science for reading the rules of nature around us which is developed by ancient Indians. Starting Literature found in "Vishavkarma Prakasham" Book. Which is written in the Sanskrit Language. In this book, we can find the rules and effects of each building construction.

If you want to enjoy your life. Then you need something more. which is not limited to Money only.

As per the Text found in "VishavKarma Prakasham," you can balance each Element of the Universe with the help of Building Architecture and Placement of Objects.

What helps Vastu Shastra can do? 

If you built your environment as per the rules of Vastu then you can achieve:-
  • Success in Business.
  • Concentrate on your Work.
  • Get Support From your Family and Friends.
  • Increase cash flow.
  • Remove unnecessary thoughts and depressive nature.
  • Multiply your Gains.
  • Good Relationships.
  • Awesome Mindsets.
  • Improve Social Connection and Networking.
  • Attract More Opportunities for Job and Business.
  • Reduce Health Problems.
  • Life a Happy Life with your Family.

How Vastu works?

The working mechanism of Vastu is pretty complex if we want to express this in limited words.
Let's try to explain !!!

Our Solar System has the Following Energies and Basic Elements and these elements are controlled by The Corresponding Energy.