Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is the technique for the prediction of future price changes of Forex Market, Stock Market, Crypto Currency Market, and Commodities Market as well.

Technical Analysis is based on the principle "History repeats itself"

What is the Pure Technical Analysis?

When Traders trade only based on Technical Analysis that is pure Technical Analysis. 

Is the only use of Technical Analysis is sufficient for Trading?

Yes, It could be possible that you trade only on the pure Technical Analysis. But It will limit your Success rate up to 70% to 80% profit trades.

You can increase the efficiency of Technical Analysis if you combine Technical Analysis with Current Updates of Changes of Fundamentals of Stocks, Currency, Crypto.

Finally, You can achieve up to 80% to 90% of success rate. if you follow, all the possible scenarios. Achievement of this profit percentage is quite possible. Since you stay in the market for the long run then this profit percentage will drop down till 65% to 70% which is also good enough. if you could maintain.

If I combine all of the discussion, then you could easily earn 4% to 10% on daily basis from Forex, Crypto, or Stock Market after getting enough knowledge of Technical Analysis.

In other words, Technical Analysis is the art of simulating Trading Charts for future price changes.

How to learn Technical Analysis?

Technical Analysis is a part of a market study that never ends. because the price changes are the reflection of human psychology which is used for trading by millions of traders and every day you could find some differentiation in price fluctuation. You can achieve enough level of understanding in reading Charts and Prices through Technical Analysis.

if you want to learn Technical Analysis, then you should cover the following key points.

  • Basic Level - How to read price level on Chart?
  • Advance Level - How to predict price level on Chart?

Basic Level of Technical Analysis

At the basic level of Technical Analysis, you learn about the following Topics:-
  1. A basic reading of Charts.
  2. Finding the Trends.
  3. Reading the Candlestick Charts.
  4. Drawing the Support and Resistance levels.

Advance Level of Technical Analysis

At the advanced level of Technical Analysis, you learn more about the following Topics in Deep:-
  1. Finding the Chart Patterns on Chart.
  2. Different Types of Candlesticks.
  3. Technical Indicators. (Lagging Indicators)
  4. Diversions of Various Indicators
  5. Price-Action
  6. Development of Trading Strategy.
  7. Back Testing of Trading Strategy.
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