MQL stands for MetaQuotes Language, which is Forex Trading Automation Programming language written in C++.

MQL is developed in 2005 by  MetaQuotes Software. MQL is the inbuilt Facility with MetaTrader Software. This MetaTrader Software is used for electronic foreign exchange trading worldwide. It has both of the modules Client and Severs.

Client Module of MetaTrader Software is used by Retail Trader and Server Module is used by Forex Brokers.

MetaTrader Software has Two Major Versions MT4 | MT5

That's why MetaQuotes Language also has two Versions MQL4 and MQL5

Start Learning MQL

If you want to learn MQL. you should probably start from MQL4. because it is easy to learn and implement the Forex Trading Logics.

After that, you should start your MQL5 coding journey.

MQL4 is a similar syntax to "C++". If you are familiar with the syntax of C++ then It makes advantageous to you.

Topics for Learning MQL4

  1. Basic "Hello World Program" Execution
  2. Introduction of MQL Script and use of Comments in MQL
  3. Variables in MQL
  4. DataTypes in MQL
  5. Operators in MQL
  6. Decision Making (Conditional) Statements such as IF, IF-ELSE, SWITCH statement
  7. Iteration Statements like, For and While Loop
  8. Functions and Pre-Defined Function Introductions
  9. User-Defined Functions
  10. Market and Order Functions 
  11. Array 
  12. Use of Pre-Defined Technical Indicators like, MACD, RSI, ADX, etc
  13. Introduction of Expert Advisors
  14. Creation of Indicators
  15. Implementations of Trading Strategies.
  16. Expert Advisor Optimization
  17. Hosting a Trading VPS
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MQL is the computer programming language that is used for Algorithmic Forex Trading. It comes which MetaTrader software and is quite similar to C++. You can develop your own Trading Robot using MQL and host these robots on a Virtual Private Server. These Robots are able to perform trades in your Forex Trading Account and can make money even you are sleeping in your room.