Forex Frequently Ask Questions and Genuine Answers

 Forex Frequently Ask Questions and Genuine Answers


What is the average forex trader's salary?

Forex Trader Average Salary depends on Size of Firm and Experience. Which is around 25k to 1L per Month in INR. 

How much does the average forex trader make in a year?

Forex Trading Job generally opens by Banks, Brokers and Financial Institutions, which gives salaries with bonus in percentage as per the Trader's performance. Average Forex Trader easily makes 6L to 20L yearly.

How much do professional forex traders make?

Professional Forex Traders, generally open their own trading business and the earning is totally based on the Invested Money and Loss Taking capacity. In short, Professional Traders make easily around 2% to 6% on each invested amount monthly after cutting all losses.

How much money can a beginner in Forex make per day?

Beginner Forex Trader generally made losses only. if the trader is not disciplined on the rules which are given by his master. if beginner traders only practice one strategy and wait for the right positions then. they can make the same salary which they get from 09 to 05 Job.

What is the average day trader's salary?

Day Trader can be any trader, who closes all their positions after evening. Stock Day Trader, Crypto Day Trader, Forex Day Trader, generally in the conditions of No profit No loss. if they start revenge trading. Nonetheless, Day Trader easily makes 2% to 4% of the profit on their capital. Some Day Trader makes up to 70% of their capital if they find the exact trade point of starting the volatility of the market. Thus we can say if Day Trader has their 75,000 INR ($1000) investment then they can easily make 1500-2000 INR ($20-$30) per Day Easily.

What % return does an average Forex trader make a month?

For the large Invested Capital 2% profit is more than enough. But for small capital, the average return of the Month is around 6% to 10% profit after cutting all of the losses, which the average forex trader wants to make. Forex Trader always reinvests some part of their profits. So compounding of capital makes always gives more and more return on investments.

Can you earn a salary by purchasing Forex trading signals?

Forex Trading Signals profitability totally depends upon the quality and experience of the Master Trader, who is releasing the Forex Signal. if the Master Trader follows a clear Trading Strategy and he also books losses as well as profit. then he is good because he is using StopLoss levels and your capital money is safe. Then you can assume that you can earn a salary-like income for purchasing Forex Trading Signals. But do not invest more than 15-20% of your investment capital in forex signals.

How can I quit my salary job for trading forex full-time?

The answer is clearly "No". Kindly do not try to quit your Job instantly for Trading Forex Full Time unless you are free from Family responsibility. Forex Trading is the game of Experience. because you need to take only to decision "Buy" or "Sell". But "when to buy" or "when to sell" is the game of pure experience. So Start your Forex Trading Journey with Demo Forex Account and after that small investment amount. Try to practice in the off hours of your Job. 

Definitely One Day, You feel Now "I can Trade Independently" then start taking investments from other people and work on that collected amount. 

Try to make a profit for others, when other people starting to Trust you. You can easily quit your Job. Because On that Time you have a decent flow of money so that you can bear expenses of your Family.

So, As per my advice. First Learn and Master the Trading in Forex. Then You should leave your Job for full-time forex trading.

Can I make living trading forex?

Yes, You can live on the income of Trading in forex. Try to Master one Currency and track each and every major downfall and jump. after some time currency will tell you where it goes in the next 5 minutes. this situation will come after a lot of practice on the same currency price action reading and analysis.
On that day, You can fully depend on Trading in Forex and earn a decent regular income from Trading in Forex.

How do I get a job as a remote forex trader?

Yes, you can get a remote forex trader job. You can get your Forex Trading Job as a remote trader only if you have prior experience of Trading and you have a detailed report of the profit-loss laser. You can find remote trader Jobs here.

Is $500 or $1000 enough to get involved in forex?

Yes, You can start trading in forex from $5 also. you can open a "cent account" also in which [$1 = $1000 in terms of trading in lots]. $1000 is the minimum money of investment required for the ECN Forex Trading Account. But if you are opening a normal low spread trading account. then $500 is also enough. I suggest, you should only start with the minimum money, which is ready to lose by you. because if you are a beginner, it is quite possible you make a loss rather than a profit.

Can you earn 6 figures just by Forex trading online?

Absolutely Yes, You can make 6 figures income easily if you combine your investment + your client commission + paid forex trading signal service or mentorship.
I did not recommend you to put all of the capital into Forex Trading for making 6 figures income.
Try to diversify your income source to make the 6 figures income. Yes, it may depend upon the skills of Trading in Forex.

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How much can I make if I invest $100 in Forex?

You can earn up to $4 to $6 in Forex daily by using CopyTrading or Self-Trading easily.

Can I start forex trading at $10?

Yes, You can start forex trading at $10. This amount can be useful for learning purposes because you can not earn a decent income by investing $10.

Is it possible to make 100 dollars a day with forex trading?

Yes, You can earn $100 easily if you start Forex Trading with at least $2000. here I am not saying that $2000 is the minimum for earning $100 daily. I won't say that you should invest at least $2000 for maintaining a good risk to reward ratio. Try to work with low risk and high gain possibilities. because it is the hard reality you can not 100% profitable in Trading. You have to book some losses in some Trades also.

Where does the money come from in Forex Trading?

There are Four Major Entities in Forex Trading. 
  • Private and Public Sector Nationalised Banks.
  • Non-Banking Finanical Institutions.
  • Forex Brokers and Retail Traders.
  • Currency ETFs or Mutual Funds Program

How to make a living by trading Forex starting with 2500 USD?

If you want to make serious money from Forex Market. you should keep in mind that You should wait for the exact perfect Trade timing as per your strategy. This can be done manually or using any signal server setup. The signal can be either mentored by some experienced trader or developed by your own strategy. Then you can monitor more than one currency asset in a single Time easily by investing huge money in Team Building. First Try to practice on a single Currency or Commodity asset like EURUSD or XAUUSD and make some profitable trades. You can also set up different signal servers or screens on the same currency using different Trading Strategies. Try all of these into Demo Forex Trading Account.
Then Invest 2500 USD wisely with stop-loss levels and use profit target up to 1% to 2% in a day in the starting. Kindly do not try to overtrade. After Sometime when you placed at least 200 trades into the system. You should increase the profit target from 2% to 3% and so on.