๐Ÿค‘ [Truth] Forex Trading is Pure Gambling

[Truth] Forex Trading is Pure Gambling

 [Truth] Forex Trading is Pure Gambling ๐Ÿค‘

No, Forex Trading is not Gambling.

What is Gambling?

As per my opinion, Anything or Any work you choose to perform and you do not have any idea about it. that is Gambling for you.

For Example:-

If you don't know. How to Drive a Car. and you are trying to drive #Mercedes Car. There is a huge possibility you hit someone or damage your own. There is no fault of Car which you are driving. You don't know "how to drive". then you can't blame #Mercedes. Oh.. this car is not good.

In the same way, If you are trying to Trade in Forex without proper Knowledge of Market flow. There is a chance you failed.

In real life, Experience Drive can also got car accidents. Same way in Forex, if some negative news comes about Currency you are trading and you are not aware. there will be a change in your Stoploss hit.

If you are not studying and not using some strategy. It may be possible you get some profit trades for the short term. but it could be dangerous in long term. It is also happening in real life. some can drive the car by simply accelerating up to street corners even if the person did not know driving.

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Everything is Gambling if you don't know about it. If you are not aware of Trading Rules, Trading Strategies, and their Risk Rewards. you can not manage the money in an optimal way. this situation will be pure Gambling for you.

But Forex is not Gambling if you are aware of it.