๐Ÿ’ฅ Do not start Copy Trading

Do not start Copy Trading

Do not start Copy Trading ๐Ÿ’ฅ

Yes, you are reading "Do not start Copy Trading". In this article, I want to share my own experience of Copy Trading Strategy and Copy Trading Apps.

Keep in mind, I do not want to blame any Forex Trader because It is not the fault of Forex Brokers completely for making any loss in Copy Trading. that's why I do not consider Any Name. 

So, First, take a look at the basics of Copy Trading.

What is Copy Trading? ๐Ÿ’ฆ

Copy Trading is the Trading Strategy in which you try to copy the Trading Style of Some other Experienced Traders. For Sharing their Strategies, these Experience charge some $ dollar or Money. This Charged Money or Fees either in the percentage of profit earned or in terms of lot size traded.

For Example, You are "Mr. X" and you are coping with "Mr. T" on Copy Trading Plateform "Forex-Copy-Trading-Platform ".

  1. Mr. T put the orders of Buy or Sell in his Forex Trading Account as per his Trading Strategy.
  2. Forex-Copy-Trading-Plateform fires the trigger in his database for copying the same trade into your (Mr. X) Forex Trading Account.
  3. There is a possibility of little Trade Order Price Difference due to "Slippage". because the price of Currency or Stock can be changed in the Micro Second Also. Then it is quite possible that You (Mr. X) and your Master Trader (Mr. T) will not get the same order price.
  4. This situation of the Order Price difference is clearly mentioned in the Policies of Every Copy Trading Platform.
  5. After Some Time your Master Trader (Mr. T) closes his Trade either in profit or loss.
  6. The Same Order Closing instructions are also copied into your Forex Trading Account and you will also get the approximately same profit or loss.
  7. Some Copy Trading Plateform also gives the option to close the Trade as per your choice. so that you can also close the trades before the closing of Master Trader.
  8. Master Trader (Mr. T) charged you some money either in "Percentage of Profit Earned" or "Dollars per Traded Lot Size". For Example, if we consider you invested $100 and earned $40 then you should pay the Fees of $40 if you choose a Master Trader who charges in percentage (if Master Trader charges 25% then you have to pay 25% of $40 which is $10 as a Fees)

Should I use Copy Trading? ๐Ÿคท‍♂️

If you have started learning Forex Market Trading. Then Answer is clearly big "No".
Because you should create your own Demo Forex Trading Account and Start your own Trading Journey.

You should not start Copy Trading after watching Ads of some Cricketer, Footballer, or Sportsperson who does not know even "A, B, C, D" or Trading.

Copy Trading means you are giving your Hard core money to an unknown person for some bucks.
Do your own research for selecting the master trader before starting of actual "Copy Trading".

How Master Traders can cheat you? ๐Ÿ‘€

  • Some Master Traders close their trades very close to the order open price when they try to get out of wrong trades open, There is a good change Master Trader close his trades in little profit (for example, $0.01 - $0.09 profit). But due to slippage and time latency of copy trading, it is 100% possible trade opened in your account will be closed in negative. By doing these types of closing of order, Master Traders always try to show to new Copier that they are doing only positive trading.
  • Some Mater Traders, only use a small amount of investment ($50 - $100) and you are using higher money, if your trades open in the proportion of Master Trader Order Lot Size, then It may be a good chance you get more loss than your Master Trader.
  • Some Master traders do not use stop loss and always try to close the trade in profit. stay away from such Master Trader.
  • Some Master Traders only registered on Copy Trading Plateform for making New Clients for Investment purpose for their companies. Once you start copying them and Join Their Telegram or WhatsApp Groups, they start forcing you for joining their premium group for Signals or Try to sell their so-called profit Trading Indicators.

How to reduce the risk of losses in Copy Trading? ✨

You can reduce the risk of losing money while using Copy Trading. Kindly checks the following key points.

Check the Master Trader profit before start copying.
  • From which date Master Trader, working on the Copy Trading Platform.
  • In the Order Summary, there must be some Negative (losing trades) also, otherwise "be alert". there may be a change, Master Trader is not using stop-loss levels. Do not be afraid of losing trades. It's a part of the trading journey.
  • Check the Equity Balance of Master Trader and ask yourself can you use the same Equity balance as master traders. Copy Trading Platform provides a proportional method (Your trades will be open and close in the proportional lot size if you have more or less money compared with Master Trader). You can choose this proportional method if you hardly need this or Master Trader profit is very Impressive.
  • Check the Number of Copiers. A Higher Number of Copiers is always good. But Keep in mind, if your Master Trader has a Higher Number of Copiers. Then your Trades will be open with more slippage or difference of price. So in this case, Start Copying the Master Trader and you can check immediately after opening the first trade in your Forex copy trading account. Compare the Order price of your account with Master Trader Account. (I have made some losses due to this situation.).
  • Check the Profit Factor or Overall Profit Percentage earned by Master Trader.
Try to Search Master Traders with Expertise
  • Find Master Traders, who are actively trading in the last couple of weeks.
  • Find Master Trader, who is master in a Particular Currency (e.g., like GBPJPY) or Commodities (e.g., like XAUUSD)
  • Find Master Trader, who has a higher number of followings.
  • (Optional) Try to find the Profitable Master Trader, who charges "Per Lot Size Traded".
Open Copy Trading Account with Good Forex Broker Only

Maintain Your Copy Trading Account Daily
  • Always log in to your Copy Trading App on your Mobile so that you can, you can see the actual progress of Master Trader.
  • Do not panic, if your trade running in negative because the market may be in corrective phage, which your Master Trader already knows about it. But Once you feel your Master Trader is inactive and forgot to place StopLoss then You must close the Open Order with your App. This will save your capital. because Master Traders have more than one account for Trading. On Next Day they will again start with a new one. but you will lose your hard-core money. 
  • Try to maintain an Equity Amount the same as your Master Trader. if Master Trader added some more money in his account. you should also do the same if you can otherwise you can stop copying such Master Traders who frequently change their Equity.
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Copy Trading is the way of earning in which you can copy the Trades from Experienced Trader. Experienced Traders charged some share from earned profit for sharing their Trading Strategy. It is quite risky if you are not aware of how to choose Good Master/Experience Trader.